Internship - Ghent

Job description

You are currently studying in a field that is related to computer science, and data science in particular, and are looking for a fast-paced environment where you can work with the latest data & machine learning technologies.

You will be a full team member of our team and work on some of our internal projects as a Machine Learning Engineer or data engineer. Please click the links below to check out our current offer of internship and thesis projects:

Internship (4-12 weeks)

Thesis (1-2 semesters)


Being a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 means you consider yourself as a healthy mix between a machine learning expert, a software engineer, a researcher, and a hacker!


You will mostly work with TensorFlow and Python to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help to put these in production.

ML6 has a very strong relationship with Google, providing you options to collaborate with Googlers and alpha test a lot of their latest ML tools. 


We are a small but growing team of very passionate data geeks, and this means you will have a healthy mix of tasks to pick from.


  • Strong analytical abilities, knowledge of different statistical methods, not scared by mathematics and a familiarity with research studies.
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis languages and tools like Python, SQL.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English.
  • You are currently pursuing a degree in computer science or related field.